Dukes and Noble Families


Lord James OstenMargrave of Gramsby, married to Maia Krenishar daughter of Lord Varion.

Lord Cation KrenisharMargrave of Krenmore, younger brother of Lord Varion Krenishar

Lord Robert Brilgan -Margrave of Casmere, married to Persephone Brenrith granddaughter to Lord Varion. 

Lord Nicholas DarkwardMargrave of Ethron, half-brother of Lady Luciana Krenishar. 

Lord Issac Darkward - Lord of the Efrait Isles, 2nd cousin to Lady Luciana Krenishar. 

Lady Cynthia Krenishar - wife of Lord Varion's cousin.

Lady Griselda Hamlin

Lord Albert Renard

Lord Edward Godfree - Uncle to Nicholas Darkward and step-Uncle to Empress Lady Luciana Krenishar.

Lord Zakia Abdalla

Lord Irvin Krenishar

Lady Eleanore Hamlin

Lord Orpheus Weldin




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Lord Remus VentarnisDuke of Sosmar, Varion's knight Champion, married to Lord Varion's daughter Princess Valeriana Krenishar.  

Lord Victor BrenrithDuke of Obron Duchy, Admiral to Varion's Navy, Nephew of Lady Luciana Krenishar (through her oldest sister Ilva Darkward Brenrith) married to Princess Aelia Krenishar daugter of Lord Varion.

Lord Drake Darkward - Arch Duke of Ushon Duchy, married to Lord Varion's youngest daughter Lucretcia Krenishar. They reside in Starry Court.


Dukes and Noble Families

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