Princess Aelia Krenishar Brenrith

The third eldest and one of the most powerful daughters of Varion Krenishar. Aelia is sweet in appearance but, do not let that fool you she can be as ruthless as her mother,Luciana. Aelia has long flowing black hair and green eyes that shine like gem stones. She is usually seen wearing a black open shouldered dress. Her skin is fair like her sisters. Aelia is often seen disappearing into the dungeons of her keep. Married to Duke Lord Victor Brenrith.


Persephone Brenrith age 16

Victor Brenrith II age 15

Bartholomew Brenrith age 13

Hannah Brenrith age 7

Lucinda Brenrith age 5

Alina Brenrith age 3

Allen Brenrith – age 3 Crippled

Controlled Land(s)



Princess Aelia Krenishar Brenrith

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